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Consent Waiver, Release of Liability and Indemnity Agreement

Please Read This Agreement Carefully

I hereby acknowledge and understand that Driveable Defensive Driver Training Inc, will conduct a new driver education and training seminar for students with a G1 leaner’s permit or license and that this seminar will consist of classroom instruction as well as behind the wheel training exercises.

Additionally, I acknowledge and understand that during the in-car training exercises, I, while accompanied by a certified driving instructor will drive a motor vehicle through skill building exercises where they may achieve maximum speeds of approximately 60 kilometres per hour.

In consideration, to participate in any way in the event or activity encompassed by this Agreement, I do hereby fully and knowingly assume all risks associated with participation in the seminars, event or activity and further agree to forever release, waive, hold harmless, defend and indemnify Driveable Defensive Driver Training Inc, all of its instructors and staff members, and all of the Driveable Defensive Driver Training Inc sponsors, any other venue where activities and events are being held, all of the officers, directors, employees, agents, parent companies, affiliates, successors and assigns of each of the aforementioned, from and against any and all claims, losses, damages, costs, actions, judgments, expenses and liabilities of every kind and nature whatsoever, including, but not limited to, any claim or demand as a result of injury to myself or from the death of myself, caused by any reason or action, including the negligence of Driveable Defensive Driver Training Inc, the driving instructors or staff, the sponsors or otherwise while I am attending in any way and/or participating in the seminar, or using a vehicle while attending and/or engaging in any activities related to the event or the seminars I acknowledge and understand that by voluntarily signing this agreement with full knowledge and disclosure of the risks associated with the activities of seminars, I am relinquishing substantial rights. I am also acknowledging that the following statements are accurate, true and correct:

  • 5That I give permission to the instructor to guide me and will adhere to the laws govern by MTO Canada.
  • 5That I will complete the course within a 120 -day period after registration and will make complete payment of the course at the second in car lesson or I will not be permitted to continue until payment is completed and the academy has legal right to get all payment for done classes.
  • 5That I will NOT have consumed any alcohol during the 12 hours preceding my participation in around-the-wheel activities, and that both I will NOT have consumed, used or ingested any illegal or impairing or controlled substance or drug in the 24 hours preceding my participation in the seminars; medications prescribed to me for personal use by a physician taken as prescribed excepted.
  • 5That I am not currently using any medications that would cause impairment, drowsiness or otherwise reduce our ability to participate in any way in the seminar and event activities.
  • 5That I have a valid learner’s permit/driver license and am legally permitted to operate a motor vehicle.
  • 5That I do not suffer from any condition including but not limited to, epilepsy, hearing or visual impairment which would render our participation in the Seminar unreasonably dangerous to myself or anyone else participating in the event, or any spectators and/or potential spectators of the event, and that I will wear any prescribed eyewear, hearing apparatus, or other prosthetic required to safely and properly operate a motor vehicle in any and every way.

This Release shall be governed by, arbitrated and legally tried by and according to the laws of Ontario, and its legal venue without regard to its conflicts of laws and provisions. If any part of this Release is deemed invalid, unenforceable or void for any reason, all other parts of this Release shall remain in full effect and force. I have read, understand and agree to each of the provisions herein and I am signing this Waiver, Release and indemnity Agreement freely and voluntarily.

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