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Driveable Defensive Driver Training Inc, offers one of the most unique, comprehensive and robust Training Curriculum in Canada.

Our laser focused approach on Safety and driving defensively has ranked us as one of Canada’s Top Schools for a Beginner Driver education.

Our training modules have been put together from the many effectively combined years of driving and training by our exceptional and experienced instructors.

The experience of our team includes instructors from a wide range of careers such as Law enforcement, Teachers, Transit Operators, School Bus Drivers and other areas in the commercial driving space.

Our Key approach in effectiveness is to assess each student driver based on their individual needs and learning style and apply the tools and training material specific to those needs.

Our Curriculum Includes

  • NPre-Trip Inspection
  • NPre-Driving Habits
  • NBlind Spots
  • NBlind Areas
  • NInstrument Control
  • NUnder the Hood
  • NStart up and shut down procedures
  • NSetting the vehicle in motion
  • NS.M.O.G Approach
  • NConcepts of braking
  • NResidential right and left turns
  • NStopping Positions
  • NStop Signs
  • NRight of Way
  • NEntering and Exiting Major Roadways
  • NRight and left turns at Traffic Signals
  • NDriving in a straight line
  • NScanning Intersections
  • NLane Changes
  • NReverse Parking
  • NFront Way Parking
  • NThree point turns
  • NEmergency Parking
  • NParking on a Grade
  • NParallel Parking
  • NEmergency Vehicles
  • NDriving in adverse Weather conditions
  • NSnow Driving
  • NEntering and exiting 400 series Freeways
  • NDefensive Driving Techniques
  • NRisk management and mitigation
  • NAccident Preventions
  • NIndependent Driving Practice
  • NDriving Exam preparations

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